I enjoyed reading Margaret Atwood’s—The Handmaid’s Tale, which ended abruptly, so naturally, I was curious when knowledge of a sequel started circulating.

The screen adaptation is preparing to film a new season (which I am highly anticipating). This announcement was the tease and the push for me to finally take The Testaments down from my shelf.

The presentation of the story feels similar to the testimonies given by witnesses in Stephen King’s Carrie . . . in that you are discovering events through the eyes of people intimately affected by Gilead’s heavy-handed totalitarianism. Also like SK’s Carrie, the book doesn’t have quite the same visceral impact on the senses or the same tight-wire tension of the screen adaptations.

I read books like this for insight, for spectral views both earthly and human, new angles provided by an author to keep my brain engaged in complex problem evaluation and to stay empathetic to the plight of others (both real and imaginary). I enjoyed this book for these reasons.

I saw that some have had big expectations for this story and where they thought it should go . . . so ruffled that they gave the book undeserved low star ratings. Seeing this made me sad and I want to prevent disappointed readers if I can.

If you don’t want to probe or study the physical, psychological, and emotional impact of oppression and just want to see trauma filled action scenes . . . stick with Hulu.

I prefer to enjoy the deeper perspective of both. 😉

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