After our recent move to Pensacola, my husband and I have decided to get out and explore our new surroundings. On this outing, we chose to visit The District—Seville Steak and Seafood Restaurant.

With so many take out dining options these days, when we spend money to eat out in a restaurant, it is for the experience. There are many places to spend an evening with a good meal and relaxed conversation whether huddled by a food truck, gathered in a small mom and pop establishment, a franchise, or a high-class restaurant. Eating out for me is about the overall memory created as it is about the food itself. I’m thrilled to share the experience of my visits with you . . . happy dining!

With my husband wrapping up a big project at work and the start of our holiday break, we decided to celebrate with an elaborate meal in downtown Pensacola. Jim and I don’t mind walking (even in the rain), so we have started a tradition of parking down by the ferry when visiting the downtown area. The District was a quick seven-minute walk from our parking spot.

We made arrangements for an early dinner. As we entered, shivering from the cold rain that pelted us outside, we were greeted with a snooty “do you have reservations” by a smile-less hostess and seated right away. I have had a zestier welcome from an employee at our local Outback (I guess I expected a little more from a restaurant that wants patrons to drop a week’s grocery expenses on a single meal). Our server, Mitchell, was soon to follow offering water and a menu of stronger libation. His energy, friendliness, and concern for our comfort made up for the less than stellar greeting. I ordered a Cosmopolitan ( I have come to adore Cointreau) and Jim had a heavy-bodied glass of Malbec, both drinks were very enjoyable (although my second after-dinner drink seemed to be missing a shot of Tito’s).

Mitchell took the time to properly answer all of our questions and inform us of interesting options on the menu before we settled on our choices. Keeping aware of my stomach’s elasticity I skipped the appetizers and salads even though there were several options I plan to try on future visits (I’m a sucker for a tasty wedge salad)

We were tempted by the list of dry-aged steaks, but in the end, Jim ordered a Delmonico Ribeye and I had the 8oz. Filet Mignon both charred with medium-rare, warm-red centers. *My daughter is also a connoisseur of fine foods and she has coined the phrase “butter-meat” to describe when the steak has a perfect apex of tenderness and flavor. Both of our steaks at The District met that criteria and were indeed worthy of the butter-meat description.

The sides we chose of hand-cut steak fries, grilled asparagus, and sautéed wild mushroom were sized and served to share . . . well prepared and delicious.

Mitchell was obliging in boxing up our main course leftovers so that we could indulge in something sweet from the dessert menu. Jim loves chocolate and I tend to go for berries and/or citrus selections. The District has an enticing bread pudding that we will try on a return trip, but this go ‘round Jim ordered the signature Dome which is a dome of rich chocolate and chocolate cheesecake topped by a warm raspberry melting syrup served with a side of raspberry ice cream. I had the Key Lime Parfait (layers of graham cracker crumb, key lime mousse, whipped cream, and Florida strawberries), which was a divine slice of heaven for me.

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  • P to P = Price to Portion size
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This evaluation is based on my opinion of a single visit, at a specific location, and only on the menu items I ordered. Results may vary due to change in server/kitchen staff, and/or other circumstances.

I must say that this meal provided the overall foodgasm we were after and a dining experience worth repeating. I dare say that The District could very well become our new “go-to” for local special occasion dining.

Have you had a meal at The District—Seville Steak and Seafood Restaurant in Pensacola?

I would love to hear about your experience . . . tell me all about it in the comments!

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