My friend Blake and I often discuss the ins and outs of the moral purgatives of people during a time of pure freedom . . . an instance where laws cease to exist.

It has always been my stance that I need no laws of government nor religion to guide my actions . . . for at my core I am logical and kind . . . as are many others. It is his opinion that terrible horrors will ensue and befall all of mankind . . . because without consequence . . . therein lies chaos.

I think we are both correct. In an instance of total freedom, there are choices to be made, those choices are made by individuals with varying core values and how steadfast we can be with whatever survival asks of us.

This is the dilemma the children in Lord of the Flies face as stewards of their own fate on an island without adult supervision.

This is a story that has stood the test of time, providing us with internal and external intellectual debate on what could occur without a voice of reason . . . when governance is futile . . . when ideas, discussion, and logistics are overcome by fear and violence.

Read this book and give me your conclusions . . .

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