I picked this one as research material for my current project . . . The Disturbing History Saga.

This was a candid look at the underbelly of our government . . . the dirty business of information gathering. The CIA with a huge budget and a stance that such covert tactics are used to prevent war.

Really? How so? Do tell.

Through strategic action and inaction, the government has taught me that preserving the almighty dollar and its unimpeded flow is held in far higher esteem by all the branches than the safety or well being of the oppressed individuals who ultimately fund their exploits.

In this book fingers are pointed, blame is shifted around . . . complaints of thwarted projects and neutralized objectives. No one (including the Intelligence community) seems to want to accept responsibility for being part of a much bigger problem.

In summary, Robert Baer is a brave countryman who put himself in danger for his fundamental beliefs. A patriot who now admits his disillusionment with the powers that be.

Join the club, buddy.

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