At first, I thought that the format of this novel would be dry or jarring to follow during the sharp passages of time and POV changes, but It wasn’t. In fact, as a writer of historical fiction, I found the timeline to be a logistical marvel.

I enjoyed the way the story developed and unfolded, I never felt lost. This was a touching story that shows the complexities of actual bonding rather than a lightning-strikes-love-at-first-sight scenario . . . it tugged at my heartstrings as both a partner and a parent. I have seen the movie and as in most cases, I like the book even better than the altered film version (celebrating its anniversary).

This book sat patiently on my shelf for nearly ten years before I finally opened it (shameful, I know. I have a TBR case . . . not just one shelf).

The Time Traveler’s Wife is a delight, don’t wait as long as I did to devour this one. Excellent!

Professional Reader

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