I have enjoyed many Lois Lowry books so I didn’t pass up the opportunity to read this one.

I write historical fiction and this one could easily be categorized as such with the story taking place in the early 1900s, or the genre could be considered young adult in its simplistic approach to grown-up situations and circumstances.

There is an exploration of relationships and biology, also there is a nuance of neuro-diversity (If you pay attention to Jacob’s quirks and mannerisms . . . a suggestion that he is probably somewhere on the autism spectrum).

This story was vivid and intriguing. I wished the book would have been less delicate and gone deeper, but I realize that would’ve rendered it inappropriate for young readers. I appreciate that this author knows her core readers and stays true to that base.

This story was a quick read the characters were fun to meet, but I cannot place The Silent Boy as a top pick of my Lowry collection.

Professional Reader

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