After our recent move to Pensacola, my husband and I have decided to get out and explore our new surroundings. On this outing, we chose to visit Outback Steakhouse on Airport Blvd.

With so many take out dining options these days, when we spend money to eat out in a restaurant, it is for the experience. There are many places to spend an evening with a good meal and relaxed conversation whether huddled by a food truck, gathered in a small mom and pop establishment, a franchise, or a high-class restaurant. Eating out for me is about the overall memory created as it is about the food itself. I’m glad to share my visits with you . . . happy dining!

There is a call ahead option, but this visit was an impromptu occasion. It was a Friday evening when we arrived, so I was surprised when we were greeted with a smile and seated right away. Parking was easy but filling up fast. It’s a busy lot with both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Stay aware of the surroundings when pulling in or out to avoid any accidents.

Our server’s name was KK and she was efficient and delightful. She took my cocktail order before delivering fresh bread and water to our table (we were waiting on a third guest).

In the process of writing my last book, research revealed that Cointreau was used in a fateful exchange between two of my characters (inspired by real people, real events) and I became curious . . . so I ordered the Sydney’s Cosmo (made with Cointreau, Absolut Citron Vodka, mango, and cranberry juice) and it was tasty. I am sure to order this drink again. Our guest ordered a boozy cherry limeade (limeade, Bacardi Lime Rum, black cherry, and Sprite) and she enjoyed the sweet citrus blend.

For my entree, I ordered a 10oz. ribeye cooked medium rare ( I usually pack up half for a second meal) and my two side options were dry broccoli and a house salad with mustard vinaigrette on the side. Jim had an identical salad and ribeye with a dry sweet potato. Everything we asked for arrived at the table in a timely manner and prepared exactly as requested. Our guest had the Grilled Chicken on the Barbie with fries and reported that it was also delicious. We were all pleased with the food and the service.

On this occasion, no one had room for dessert despite several yummy temptations. Jim has a fondness for sweets and has indulged in the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under before and endorses it as a solid after-meal delight.

The prices are good for the quality and portion sizes (I almost always make two meals from my purchase). The house salad at Outback is one of the best in town.

Location and Parking:
P to P
Food Quality: 
Overall Experience:
  • Rating out of five
  • P to P = Price to Portion size
  • Food Quality rating includes accuracy

This evaluation is based on my opinion of a single visit, at a specific location, and only on the menu items I ordered. Results may vary due to change in server/kitchen staff, and/or other circumstances.

Overall our dining experience was excellent!

Have you eaten a meal at Outback Steakhouse on Airport Boulevard in Pensacola? I would love to hear about your experience…tell me all about it in the comments!

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