After our recent move to Pensacola, my husband and I have decided to get out and explore our new surroundings. On this outing, we chose to visit Cosse’s on the Beach.

With so many take out dining options these days, when we spend money to eat out in a restaurant, it is for the experience. There are many places to spend an evening with a good meal and relaxed conversation whether huddled by a food truck, gathered in a small mom and pop establishment, a franchise, or a high-class restaurant. Eating out for me is about the overall memory created as it is about the food itself. I’m glad to share my visits with you . . . happy dining!

My husband and I were born and bred in Louisiana, so I thought this little eatery by the beach might be just what we needed to ease our cravings for home . . . Cosse’s totally did the trick!!

Parking was relatively easy in the small paved area surrounding the business strip located along Via de Luna Drive in Pensacola Beach. Cosse’s is a tiny seat yourself casual dining restaurant . . . it’s relatively clean and has plenty of charm. I would call ahead if you have a party of six or more because there is limited seating. The young man who waited on us was helpful and polite. Seth delivered our meal in a timely manner, kept our waters filled, and happily answered all of my nosy questions.

Jim started with an appetizer of boudin balls (sausage rolled in seasoned flour and bread crumbs then deep fried) that came with a small tub of creamy dipping sauce that wowed him, so much so that he made me taste it (I’m leery of glazes, dips, and sauces). The mayonnaise-based dip had a distinctly spiced flavor that paired well with the snack. Seth was reluctant to give us the exact recipe, yet he did confirm some of the ingredients for me (horseradish, mayo, spices). Jim also ordered a bowl of seafood gumbo. We are tough critics of this home-state favorite and I must say that this was the best version we have tasted outside of Louisiana . . . ever.
After the gumbo, we went nuts and ordered an obscene amount of food.

I had a wedge salad with blue cheese dressing on the side. It was a sizable salad of crisp iceberg lettuce topped with tomato, cucumber, onion, bacon bits, and cheese. I packed up nearly half of the salad to go, so to me was worth the $7.

We ordered a whole muffuletta sandwich (half of it packed up to go) it wasn’t the best one I have ever eaten, but it was dang close.

We left Cosse’s with four large boxes of food after fearlessly adding bread pudding and beignets to our order . . . our Sunday leftovers were delightful. (We always refresh baked goods in the toaster oven)

Location and Parking:
P to P
Food Quality: 
Overall Experience:
  • Rating out of five
  • P to P = Price to Portion size
  • Food Quality rating includes accuracy

This evaluation is based on my opinion of a single visit, at a specific location, and only on the menu items I ordered. Results may vary due to change in server/kitchen staff, and/or other circumstances.

The prices are good for most portion sizes and overall the dining experience was a dream.

Have you had a meal at Cosse’s on the Beach in Pensacola?

I would love to hear about your experience…tell me all about it in the comments!

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