After our recent move to Pensacola, my husband and I have decided to get out and explore our new surroundings.

On this outing, we chose to visit Coach-N-Four Steakhouse . . .

We live a few miles from this rustic steakhouse established here in 1979 and located on Pine Forest Road in North West Pensacola. I admit that this locale is more convenient for us than most popular eateries in the area. We called early on a Saturday evening and we were told we didn’t need a reservation by a friendly female voice on the phone. “Come on over,” she said.

When we arrived, there was plenty of free parking in an open lot area near the building.

We were greeted with a smile and seated right away in a booth already prepared.

The interior was true to the Texas pioneer theme, looking much like the set of an old-time saloon, with Cowboys and Cowgirls indications for the restrooms.

David was our server and allowed us to browse the menu after serving our waters. Water connoisseurs know that each establishment has it’s own “flavor” . . . this one was quite tasty and had no aroma.

There was no mention of cocktails or wine, so we did not order any, assuming that there was no alcohol served on the premises. I later saw online that they do offer a few interesting selections for those that imbibe. I think I will try a Texas Cosmo called the “Texican” on my return trip.

This is not what I would consider a trendy restaurant with any experimental dishes, a menu filled with what you might expect from a steakhouse. We browsed through the choices of meats and seafood, but our eyes landed on one of Coach-N-Four’s core offerings. An 8oz. ribeye that comes with two sides. I ordered mine medium-rare. My two sides were a house salad with blue cheese dressing on the side and green beans. I questioned David about the beans and whether or not they were from a can. I was told they were from frozen which would suit me fine.

Jim ordered his ribeye medium. His two sides were a house salad with Italian dressing on the side and garlic mashed potatoes.

Our salads arrived as ordered. The contents of the tiny bowls were fresh, crisp, and colorful made of shredded lettuce, carrot, and purple cabbage (much like a mix you find in bags at the grocery store). I enjoyed it but would prefer a slightly larger portion considering it was lacking in more filling ingredients like cucumber, cheese, or tomatoes.

When David arrived to take away our salad bowls, he delivered dinner rolls, crackers, butter, (none of which I touch. Jim was very pleased with the rolls) and an unexpected treat. My eyes sparkled as he placed two small cups of “palate cleanser” on the table (lime sherbet is my best guess). This surprise was definitely a change of pace . . . yummy and fun!

Our ribeyes were the slightest bit overcooked but still enjoyable (mine was slightly fattier than just marbled). We declined the offer of steak sauce and did not need it. The steaks tasted of a marinade . . . tangy notes of Worcestershire sauce. The garlic mashed potatoes were a hit . . . the green beans a miss (tasted of over-cooked canned beans drowning in butter).

I think I might try a side of sweet potatoes or the fried okra on a return trip.

David peeked on us often without being intrusive and kept our glasses filled during the meal before asking us if there was anything else he could provide before delivering the check.

Jim and I ordered and shared a slice of Key lime pie for dessert. It had rich flavor and texture . . . like a cheesecake made with real lime juice . . . delicious!

Pleasant as the surroundings were, I did not feel it was a place to linger. The meal was over in less than an hour with dessert . . . which for some could be a plus or a minus. Not a first date destination in my opinion . . . unless you are headed to a concert or movie afterward.

The prices are a bit steep for the portion size.

Jim thinks it is worth the drive deeper into Pensacola for a better cut of meat and larger portions. We desire a little more bang for our buck.

Location and Parking:
P to P
Food Quality: 
Overall Experience:
  • Rating out of five
  • P to P = Price to Portion size
  • Food Quality rating includes accuracy

This evaluation is based on my opinion of a single visit, at a specific location, and only on the menu items I ordered. Results may vary due to change in server/kitchen staff, and/or other circumstances.

Overall the dining was enjoyable.

As a native of Louisiana, I would like to try the gumbo and fried oysters. I will report back on a return trip in the near future.

Have you eaten a meal at Coach-N-Four Steakhouse? I would love to hear about your experience . . . tell me all about it in the comments!

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