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How do you get an agoraphobic author to leave the house?
Present her with a book award in New York City. 

Yes, folks . . . this fish out of water braved the big city in a fancy dress. I went, I saw, I conquered.  Jim and I just returned after a whirlwind trip to NYC to accept my IPPY award for The Gator LeavesNothing Behind Part I.

As most of you already know we are busy building and selling a home, so we chose to squeeze as much as we could from our brief two-night stay in The Big Apple. Shortly after our arrival, we took a scheduled pedicab excursion throughout Central Park. I highly recommend this treat if you ever find yourself nearby . . . there is no way we would have covered it all by ourselves. It is a little pricey, but we found the tour to be worth the expense.

The only activity I was truly torn about spending our money on was the hop on / hop off tour bus. The thing no one warns you about before buying a ticket is that hopping off of the bus is a whole lot easier than the hopping back on part. We enjoyed the ride and the tour of the city, but it was difficult to get the correct stops or proper directions to anything after stepping off of the bus. We ended up so far away from where we intended to be (with little time to kill), spending even more money to Uber over to the correct locations. 

Utilizing the GPS, we did manage to find our way to the harbor tour boat (providing sweeping views of the city, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty) and over to The Strand Bookstore. Can you guess which one of these venues was on my bucket list?

The award ceremony was a good night of memory making for me. A fun-filled night of professional accolades and forming new bonds of friendship . . . not to mention the parade of awesome award-winning books added to my TBR pile. If you are curious, a full list of winners can be found at the IPPY website >> HERE

Now let’s talk pizza for a minute. I love pizza, so I asked my friends where I should grab a great slice. Jim and I tried Patzeria Perfect Pizza and Ray’s Famous Pizza right away, but neither establishment’s offerings knocked our socks off. Just when I thought my wish of amazing New York pizza was going to be dashed . . . we ordered a breakfast pizza at Crust (at the La Guardia airport, terminal D of all places) and I can honestly say it was one of the best pizzas I have ever put in my mouth.

Jim and I found that many New Yorkers were warm and welcoming, engaging us often in conversation . . . we are all just humans in search of meaningful connections after all.

Do you have an NYC experience to share?

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