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We are always taught acquisition, expansion, growth . . . but what if your evolution is leading you to contract?

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images and messages of a “bigger is better” society, it is difficult not to feel a faint sense of loss as your path diverts toward a “less is more” existence. Not a loss of wholeness of self by any means, more like an unexpected loss of respect from others around you. To an outsider, it might appear (in your decision to downsize) as if you are no longer successful and they may pull away, like the perceived forfeiture of ambition is somehow contagious.
There are so many ups to downsizing that lead to less strain on your time, your energy, and your pocket, giving you some freedom back. In my case, I am also leaving a lucrative business behind which was a choice that was one of the scariest decisions I have ever made, a choice I was willing to make for the freedom to explore my creativity.
I have a list of the pros of downsizing, but what are the cons?
I have heard the disdain in the voice of many who look down upon those who do not fit an image of wealth. I heard it as recently as last week when I entered a local dress shop to purchase an outfit for my upcoming book award ceremony. My follower family and inner circle peeps have seen the way I normally dress for salon work . . . stained, aged, ill-fitting t-shirts and scrubs. Clothing has never been a strong priority for me and absolutely no reflection of my income or who I am beneath the threads. Unfortunately, many onlookers see me in public and automatically assume I am desperately poor. This had not been more obvious than when I stepped in front of that reception desk last week, finding myself judged by five commission based employees of a national chain store. I was boldly told that there was “nothing in the store for me,” (no offer of assistance for ordering or altering a dress either). I timidly proceeded to the many garment filled racks as the woman at the desk shook her head at my quiet rebellion. I had no clue of what style I was looking for, not knowing my dimensions in the slightest—a person in a very foreign place, doing a very foreign activity. I struggled for a little while before admitting a temporary defeat, leaving the store and the petty snickers behind me.
My steps to the car were calm and full of strength knowing who I am, what I have, and what I can survive. There is no wealth that this world can provide that is more profound than the solace of a tranquil soul.
No matter what those people thought of me, I did not give up, nor did I waiver in my pursuits. I found the right people to help me reach my goal. With my career change and award ceremony taking place at the same time . . . I have a lovely drape to slip over my aging skin and it is perhaps much fancier than I required, but it does reflect how I will feel walking into my new downsized life . . . like glamorous autonomy!
Are you downsizing? Tell me about it! ?

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