Wow! The Boley Books team has some wonderful literary news!

We, Kirstie Schieffler and James Boley, are proud to announce that our very own Kami Boley is now an award-winning author. During a ceremony to be held on May 29th, 2018 in New York she will officially receive an IPPY Award Medal for her debut novel The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind-Part I.

An Independent Publisher Book Award (AKA IPPY, launched 1996) are credible and industry recognized honors selectively given to the year’s best independently published titles from around the world.

We are looking forward to the doors that this validation will open for our books! Those of you that have read and enjoyed The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind-Part I already know what an accomplishment Kami has made. Now we can spread the word of this book’s success far and wide for new readers to discover and enjoy!

Our family also wishes to acknowledge again the other special individuals that helped to create this award-winning book . . .

Spencer Hamilton (editing)
Sandeep Likhar (formatting)
Nicole Eva Fraser (editing)
Damonza (cover design)
Readers and Reviewers

It takes a ton of love and support from many sources to make great books, and for that, we thank you all!

What now? Let’s ask the team . . .

Kirstie’s Update—”I am beginning to work on our next children’s book The Adventures Of Benny And Jenny while creating another rewarding and successful path in my Physician’s Assistance curriculum. I am as proud of my mother as she is of me, both of us believing and achieving!”

Jim’s Update—”I am working hard to get us relocated to Florida, a move that will allow Kami to write full time. I will be adding some of her new content . . . like an expanded Behind The Scenes document for our email subscribers and a suggested reading list on our website. Check-in for these exciting extras. Our inbox and ever-evolving digital home ( is always open to you.”

Kami’s Update—”This Award, this comforting pat on my back, has left me overwhelmingly grateful to have the opportunity to continue my writing journey— reassured that each difficult step will be worth it. Patiently I wait to edit book three while plotting and preparing to write the final installment of The Disturbing History Saga. I am diligently studying the history behind the story. The last book will be filled with real and astonishing details that may shed new light on what you thought you knew about The Kennedy Assassination.”

Going forward there will be more great works for all ages added to our shelves and our website . . . Look out world, here we come!

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