Do you love books?

I simply adore books, I always have.

If you are like me and love to read . . . your verified-purchase reviews are desperately needed.

What is a “verified-purchase review” and why is it so important to authors? A verified-purchase review on Amazon is the best gift you can give any author. Your review will help that book’s author get noticed by other readers and allow them more opportunities for visibility in highly competitive markets. More visibility for an author leads to more sales . . . and more sales will lead to demand . . . and that leads to more books from your favorite authors!

It takes money to produce new projects—an unfortunate fact of life and creativity. When an author is verifiably supported by a strong fan base, they are more likely to push forward in the completion of new literary works. This scenario creates a symbiotic relationship.

Feed an author . . . and they will feed your bookshelf!

How to feed your favorite authors:
Make a “one-click” book purchase (this will verify your review) in any format you prefer-eBook, print, or audio. There is a misconception that you need a special device to purchase or read an eBook; this is completely false! Amazon offers viewing on any device (which includes your desktop, laptop, iPad, or phone). This information is readily available on all Amazon book purchase pages-just click where it says “read on any device” to find out more information.

Big Savings Tip: Joining an author’s mailing list! Insider fans get the best deals during the book’s launch.  I always make sure my Pen Pals have access to a sweet launch price.

Read the book! This one may seem obvious to you, but it’s true. Amazon has a sophisticated setup; they can tell if you haven’t flipped through all the pages, and therefore may reject a review on those grounds. So if you purchase an eBook for the purpose of reviewing after reading the print version, please remember to flip through before leaving a review.

And finally, the big one: Leave a review! Log into your Amazon account and leave a helpful review. Your review directly affects an author’s livelihood (we want you to be honest, but don’t be cruel). Five Stars if you loved it! If the book is not worthy of five stars in your opinion, please explain how the author could have improved the content. Helpful feedback is always appreciated and may influence an author’s future endeavors.

Feed an author . . . give the gift of a verified-purchase review!

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