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The Disturbing History Saga –

Inspired by actual events

The insidious seduction of a college bound girl by a hell-bent abuser . . .

Inspired by actual events

Kami Boley’s newest installment of The Disturbing History Saga, The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind, Part II, is a dark and twisting, fictional yet alarmingly real exploration of relationships, crime, and life near the waterways of mid-twentieth-century Louisiana.

Snuggle up to read and get ready for fun
As we share this sweet tale of a mom and her son.
Meet a young pig who hopes to grow tall—
Oh, what a big heart for a body so small!

Love is a thread binding each of these pages,
A moment to bond whatever your age is.
You may laugh together, you might even snort—
For this is the tale of a piggy named Mort.

In this endearing mother-daughter collaboration, a young tree named Bree learns about the importance of friendship and caring about one another.

“Such a lovely little book! Beautiful message of friendship, family, and hope, coupled with lovely illustrations. I will definitely be sharing this one with my niece and nephew.”

K.M. Weiland

Historical & Speculative Novelist

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